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Zeynep Püsküllü Rize was born in İstanbul on 1985. She graduated from Anadolu University Communication Faculty Advertising and Public Relations and she also completed MBA of

Marketing at University of Wales in London.


Upon graduating from London, she came back to Turkey and worked in a PR company for two
years. Zeynep, who has always been very social, active and joined several corporative events
and organisations during her undergraduate and postgraduate educations, training courses
and job experience, decided to establish her own company after organising her own wedding


Zeynep Püsküllü Rize, has also attended to ‘Event Management Certificate Program’ at
Bogazici University that has been given by ‘Creative Event Planning and Implementation
Organisation (YEPUD)’.During her education at certificate program, she could find chance to
work on several corporative dinners and wedding parties that have been organised by the best
and well known firms of Turkey. Zeynep’s main target is, offering and providing different
themed and ‘boutique’ events to her clients and share their happiness at their special days.



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